CONVERGE Initiatives - Posters Now Available

In the e-book the Convergence Mapping Tool was introduced, which helps show how various types of initiatives and organizations manage to address this double challenge of living more equitably within limits as well as provides an indication of how they could develop further towards more Convergence. Posters of some of the initiatives studied in the ebook are now also available from the resources for communities part of this website!

A New Social Contract for Sustainability?

Picture by Anneka Tran

5th Floor of the Arnolfini 20th and 21st of June – 9.30am – 5.00pm (9am registration)

Join us to re-think sustainability in a time of deepening environmental, social and financial crises.

We want to explore how new forms of dialogue and agreement among government, business, civil society and citizens could simultaneously address pressing social, environmental and economic crises – and we need your help! This event will combine research with public debate and discussions to explore the concept of a ‘new social contract for sustainability’. We want you to have your say on what this could look like. A range of speakers will offer their expertise in environmental, economic and governance issues in order to stimulate discussions, including: · Sir Graham Watson MEP · Anna Coote, Head of Social Policy at New Economics Foundation · Leo Hickman, Features Journalist and Editor at the Guardian · Reinhard Loske, Professor of Sustainability and Transformation Dynamics at University of Witten/Herdecke · Mandy Singer-Brodowski, Wuppertal Institute

Slides and Podcasts - Transdisciplinary Research on Sustainability

Slides and podcasts are linked here from presentations given at the Expert Conference Prague, May, Thursday 23rd – Friday 24th, 2013.

This one and a half day workshop invited approximately 50 invited experts from across the EU area who are working in Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainability (TDRS). The event was for professionals from the European Research Area (ERA) organisations and policy areas and for those running (or have run) transdisciplinary research projects on sustainability.

[image Joan, M. Mas via Aquarela]

Context: Major EU research programmes are calling for transdisciplinary research to address ‘wicked’ joined up and complex problems – particularly in the area of sustainability. Whilst there is an emphasis on the dissemination of substantive results from funded projects, there is less attention to the sharing of the experiences and lessons learnt from the project processes, problems and issues and strategies developed for dealing with these. This gathering provides an opportunity to share and reflect on issues of TDRS including methodology and management, together with an opportunity to contribute to recommendations to the ERA for the further development of research capacity on TDRS. 

Tedx ObratsovaSt - Convergence at the End of the Golden Age - Prof Harald Sverdrup

Harald Sverdrup talks on Peak Resources and the Impact on Global Economy:

E-book now available: Equity and Limits in Theory and Practice


As part of the CONVERGE project's research, we've sought out inspirational examples of initiatives from all fields of life – including policy, business, research and community initiatives, etc. – in different parts of the world that address the imperatives of both living within the limits of the planet (contraction) and sharing its resources equitably (convergence).

We present the following e-book as a summary of the research carried out. It provides information on the methodology used, introduces 28 case studies (initiatives) studied in detail from different countries and fields, as well as analysis and evaluation of these.

In the e-book the Convergence Mapping Tool is also introduced, which helps show how various types of initiatives and organizations manage to address this double challenge of living more equitably within limits as well as provides an indication of how they could develop further towards more Convergence.

The e-book can be downloaded here.

The background paper to the e-book is available here.

Event in India - Convergence on a Finite Planet - photos from the day

Project partner SCAD was joined by colleagues of the CONVERGE project in India last week for an international conference on Convergence on a Finite planet.  From the Schumacher Institute's perspective, traveling to India to discuss the question of rights and responsibilities with a developing-world congregation put us irreparably in contact with the inconvenient reality in the west of both our privileged existence and the huge resource required to service it.

A person in the UK has an ecological footprint on average 5.4 times that of a person living in India. With a world average biocapacity of 1.8 global hectares per person, India uses half of its 'fair share' and the UK uses around 3 times its fair share...

Cletus Babu on the CONVERGE project

Sustainable Research - Tree Planting in Godollo

 The last month has seen the planting of 50 beautiful native fruit trees which were bought with the donations we received from the CONVERGE workshop participants to offset the CO2 emmissions of the event in June 2012 in Gödöllő. The saplings are from Gyula Kovács who have one of the largest gene bank of native fruit trees - Elvgarden. The fruit saplings were given and planted at the following places, organisations:

Local primary and secondary schools - 5 trees

The winner houses of the "Clean Garden Tidy House" competition - 10 trees

The Hngarian members of the CONVEGE team - 7 trees

Members of the Gödöllő Climate Club - 20 trees "Open Garden"

Organic practice garden of Szent István University - 8 trees

 For more information on our tree planting please see project partner Green Dependent and their story on the event.


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