Masters Thesis Team

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Three gentlemen united by an ongoing discovery of the interconnectedness of things. Three gentlemen brought together by a common view of sustainability as social, ecological, and economic systems maintenance. Three gentlemen that seek paradigm shift through a deeper understanding and clearer communication of systems science. This shared worldview emerged from decades of experience in wide variety of industries and interaction with a broad range of social groups that culminated in resigning from “good” jobs to search out a rigorous, science-based approach to sustainable development at a small university in southern Sweden.

The team:

  • has founded businesses and directed divisions in Fortune 500 companies;
  • has worked in mining, manufacturing, communications, education, R&D, theatrical production, landscaping, business development, and pharmaceuticals;
  • has studied sustainability, social change, biology, organizational learning, communications, biotechnology, leadership, multimedia, management, and art;
  • hails from three different countries;
  • speaks some German, French, Dutch and Spanish;
  • has captained football teams and choreographed dances;
  • is always up for some karaoke.

Personal biographies:

Simon Evitts has a background in the natural sciences, specializing in Microbiology and Biotechnology. He spent his early career in water management, marine biodegradation and pharmaceutical research before moving into the food sector to develop a broader global business understanding. Then followed a 15-year career with three multinationals working predominantly in R&D, manufacturing and business development. He has led cross-functional teams and global functional groups in strategic innovation, organizational development, technical support and product development within numerous retail categories. He has worked in many countries with teams from multiple cultural backgrounds working with a broad range of technologies and supply chains. A growing awareness of the sustainability challenges presented by these industries, including the mental models and drivers of behavior that maintain the status quo, led to his decision to explore new directions. In his passion to understand the interconnectedness and maintenance of the bigger picture including the proactive approaches and positive philosophies for moving forward, he was delighted to be accepted for the MSLS program. He hopes to build the knowledge and skills required for engaging individuals,presenting new opportunities and facilitating the transition to a healthier and fully sustainable society.


Brendan Seale most recently worked in corporate communications in the head office of Barrick Gold Corporation, a transnational mining company. This experience taught him the power of organizational learning and culture change in large companies. Combined with the skill set he is developing in the MSLS program, he will be uniquely positioned to develop strategy and promote change towards sustainability in the business arena. As an entrepreneur before his time at Barrick, Brendan consulted with small and mid-sized organizations, delivering communication strategy, e-learning, and web design services. Brendan hails from Toronto and graduated with distinction from McMaster University, majoring in both Communications and Multimedia. He developed a functional use of the Spanish language while gallivanting through Latin America after graduation, and plans to do the same with Swedish. He is passionate about the outdoors, travel, soccer, and music. He hopes to one day utilize the skills developed in the MSLS program in his parents' homeland, the developing island nation of Barbados.



Dylan Skybrook was most recently the Dance Programming Director for the Southern Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A choreographer and performer based in the Midwestern United States, Skybrook’s choreography has been most recently seen in Catherine Sullivan’s film installation Triangle of Need, (Walker Art Center, Metro Pictures Gallery, Pompidou Center, Royal Academy of Art among others). His work has been commissioned by the Walker Art Center, The Southern Theatre, Minnesota Dance Alliance, No Name Exhibitions, Mankato State University and others. His work has also been presented by 3 Legged Race, Red Eye, 848 Community Space in San Francisco, and Phat Tuesdays in New York City. In 2006 he was commissioned by Megan Flood to create a solo for her for the McKnight Dancer Fellowship Solo show at the Southern theatre. Dylan has appeared as a performer with Sally Rousse, Justin Jones, Jess Curtis, Knee Jerk Dance Project, Hijack, Morgan Thorson, The Minnesota Opera, Onsite Dance Co., Steamroller, Joanne Neurenberg and many others.