What challenge does CONVERGE present to today's economics? 28/09/2010

Tuesday 28th September 2010, Bristol UK, 10am - 5pm

In this mini-conference, we will explore the concept of global equity in the light of Earth’s biophysical limits. Participants bring experience and knowledge of community engagement, policy and politics, economics, environmental science, systems analysis, and more, promising broad and deep discussions.

The day will include keynote sessions on

  • Green Economics – the story so far
  • Climate and global eco-justice
  • Chasing utopias – local and global
  • Invited presentation: What’s the economy for? 
  • Following which we will host some themed discussions on topics such as:

  • The challenge to GDP
  • Local economies in a global finance system
  • Money for nature’s services
  • Equity, fairness, equal shares – reforming
    the world system

We welcome participants from academia and the practice communities who have an interest in sustainability research for action and policy. Please register by contacting: Alice-Marie: alice@schumacherinstitute.org.uk


3rd Floor Bush House

72 Prince Street