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"Global Convergence on a Finite Planet" - Event in India

 "Global Convergence on a Finite Planet". Conference in India: 21st-23rd, 2013.

Venue: SCAD Francis Xavier Engineering College, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu

Recognising that the sustainable development challenge is becoming increasingly acute, in the face of population growth, escalating consumption, a sharp rich-poor divide, environmental pressures, and climate change - the CONVERGE project focuses on how a transition to global equity for human society within the finite limits of our one planet (- Convergence) might inform EU policy. The recent context of the failures of the international SD processes at Rio to develop real ways forward indicate that we cannot simply slide SDGs into the system and expect radical change. From a Convergence perspective the way forward needs to be constructed by taking on the challenges of the Brundtland report and focussing on ’ Equity within Planetary Boundaries’. The issue of equity and development has been the reef on which international cooperation has foundered. Crucially, the discussions of the proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are bringing environment and development agendas move closer together. This will greatly strengthen the ability of a more united movement to work for the radical changes necessary for all our futures.

Concept note and call for papers:

Key Overall Question: Can Convergence be a unifying frame for Environment and Development movements and international agreements?

Specifically: how can Convergence contribute to the development of effective and equitable international Sustainable Development Goals ?

Event: Equity within Limits - and the Sustainable Development Goals - 30th Nov, Bristol UK

Discussions are underway to develop a new set of global, UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The aim of this event is to explore the still existing divisions between Environment and Development agendas in the context of this SDG process. The Convergence framework, a development of an EU FP7 research project, will be presented and explored as one way to develop a more united approach to the SDGs in policy and action.

“Equity within Limits – and the Sustainable Development Goals". Workshop in Bristol: 9.30am – 5.00pm, 30th November, 2012 Venue: Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, Avon BS1 3QY

"A safe and just space for humanity"

Image from Oxfam's flicker stream"Humanity’s challenge in the 21st century is to eradicate poverty and achieve a prosperity for all within the means of the planet’s limited natural resources".

 This paper from Oxfam - A Safe and Just Space for Humanity, came out earlier this year as a challenge paper for Rio +20, asbut we think its deservant of a post. The author - Kate Raworth a senior researcher at Oxfam in the UK.  The paper explores what a fair and sustainable model of prosperity might look like using the image of a 'donut' to bring the concept of biophysical limits together (in this case planetary boundaries) with the complementary concept of social boundaries and describes the inner space as a safe operating space for humanity to thrive.
"Moving into this safe and just space demands far greater equity – within and between countries – in the use of natural resources, and far greater efficiency in transforming those resources to meet human needs".

Equity within Limits – Principles, Practices and Policies



Equity within Limits – Principles, Practices and Policies

Workshop -27th June, 2012 (Wednesday)

VenueGödöllő Cultural Centre (Művészetek Háza)

2100 Gödöllő, Szabadság út 6.

Workshop - Equity within Limits – Principles, Practices and Policies - 27 th June, Hungary

You are invited to jon the CONVERGE project for a workshop in Hungary -

Equity within Limits – Principles, Practices and Policies Workshop -27 th June, 2012 (Wednesday) Venue: Gödöllő Cultural Centre (Művészetek Háza) 2100 Gödöllő, Szabadság út 6.

Please register online at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewformformkey=dG5IV0JwNWxFTkg1XzEyOU1pY3R1RGc6MQ


9.30 Registration and Coffee


CONVERGE THINK TANK pilot meeting: Equity within planetary boundaries Venue: European Parliament, A1H1 (Altiero Spinelli Building),

Date: Tuesday, 15 May from 15h00 to 16h30

January 12th -food system workshop in Bristol UK

January 12th, Coexist, Bristol 10:00 - 16:30

2012 for Converge

Both for research and for the many families involved in the Converge project, 2011 was a fantastic year. With GreenDependent in Hungary leading, the team researched initiatives that are convergent - i.e. are performing activities that are towards greater fairness and sustainability. It was a pleasure to develop our feeling for how Convergence is allready taking place in the real world, and to explore the work of these inspirational organisations. We look forward to sharing their stories and how they are part of the Convergence side of sustainable development later this year.

(Image by paintmyworldrainbow)

We also spent some time with the guidance of the Natural Step International in Sweden investigating how communities are engaging people - what it is that gathers people around a project. We hope that in understanding the qualities of a good engagement we can support the wider uptake of sustainable development through convergence by offering a guide to how engagement is allready taking place.

Notes from Bristol's 1st Food System research workshop

Bristol Converge food sector workshop 1 introduction

The workshop began at 10 am on November 1 2011 at the Bristol and Bath Science Centre, with 19 participants plus the Converge Project research team (9 people, Vala Ragnarsdottir, Harald Sverdrup, Deniz Koca, Sigrun Maria Kristinsdottir, Ian Roderick, Alice-Marie Archer, Charlotte Olof Biering, Emmilie Brownlee, and Jenneth Parker).

We started with a lecture given by Vala Ragnarsdóttir (see above slideshow), including an introduction of the Converge research project and of the research participants, and setting the stage for the day’s project. The introduction included “the state we are in”, resource depletion (including oil and phosphorous), what sustainability means, the TNS sustainability principles, the ISIS compass, city food production and an overview of what sustainable food production could look like for Bristol.

The aim with the whole project is to map what sustainable food systems in Iceland, Bristol and two impoverished villages in India look like. The outcome, the model, will be sent to the European Union, but participants will also get a copy of it and can use it as they please.


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