Slides and Podcasts - Transdisciplinary Research on Sustainability

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Slides and podcasts are linked here from presentations given at the Expert Conference Prague, May, Thursday 23rd – Friday 24th, 2013.

This one and a half day workshop invited approximately 50 invited experts from across the EU area who are working in Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainability (TDRS). The event was for professionals from the European Research Area (ERA) organisations and policy areas and for those running (or have run) transdisciplinary research projects on sustainability.

[image Joan, M. Mas via Aquarela]

Context: Major EU research programmes are calling for transdisciplinary research to address ‘wicked’ joined up and complex problems – particularly in the area of sustainability. Whilst there is an emphasis on the dissemination of substantive results from funded projects, there is less attention to the sharing of the experiences and lessons learnt from the project processes, problems and issues and strategies developed for dealing with these. This gathering provides an opportunity to share and reflect on issues of TDRS including methodology and management, together with an opportunity to contribute to recommendations to the ERA for the further development of research capacity on TDRS. 

Aims: To help to inform the EU’s research agendas and meta-agendas about evaluation, conduct and processes of TDRS with information, perspectives and analyses from practitioners. To explore the Convergence and MOSUR approaches, tools and concepts might inform and link with agendas in TDRS. To discuss and develop recommendations to the ERA to help enable better and more productive TDRS.

This event was hosted by the CONVERGE EU FP7 research project and the Charles University Environment Center. See Programme.

The sound quality of these podcasts isn't amazing - but we really want to share our discussions - slides to follow!

Slides & Podcasts:

TDRS from the point of view of an early career researcher (plus presentation) - Dana Kapitulčinová

Lino Paula, DG Research:  'Science in Society', European Commission: 'Transdisciplinarity, Responsibility and Horizon 2020' - Slides - Podcast

Dr Maik Adomssent, Leuphana University and COPERNICUS ALLIANCE: Overview of issues in TDRS from the researcher perspective - Slides - Podcast

Dr. Jan Frouz, Charles University: Managing Transdisciplinary Consortia. Slides - Podcast

Ian Roderick, CONVERGE Coordinator: What is a Global Wicked Problem? Slides - Podcast

Dr Jenneth Parker: Degrees of Interdisciplinarity and the Difference They Make: Issues of TDRS in the CONVERGE project Slides - Podcast

Sandor Fulop, former Hungarian Commissioner for Future Generations: Future Generations as Key Research Stakeholders in all TDRS calls Slides - Podcast

Podcast - Questions from day 1


Posters Presented

Charles University - Transdisciplinary research in post communist European States - Andrew Barton

Interdisciplinary teaching/learning – pre-requisites, processes and outcomes - Jana Dlouhá 

Relationships between Systems Modelling and Scenario development in TDRS - Michael Clinton

Transdisciplinary participatory action research project brings voices of poor into policy discussions - Deborah Rogers 

Equity and Sustainability: converging policy communities - Balint Balázs - Slides

SOL Save our Lives - transdisciplinary partnership in sustainable development in road safety in Central Europe - Jaroslav Heinrich

Sustainable Reform of Higher Education in Bosnia Herzegovina - Genc Trnavci

SCAD a model for sustainable future development - Charles Amirthan 

The Convergence Mapping System (plus presentation) - Edina Vadovics 

CONVERGE posters - Convergence Initiatives Map - Climate Ticket - Gödöllo Climate Club - SCAD Kitchen Gardens & Fruit Tree Afforestation - The Converging World - JNO


Jenneth Parker Prague TD.mp326.1 MB
Ian Roderick Prague TD.mp312.95 MB
Lino Paula Prague TD.mp319.6 MB
Jan Frouz Prague TD.mp317.71 MB
Maik Adomssent Prague TD.mp322.52 MB
Day 1 Questions Prague TD.mp315.15 MB
Sandor Fulop TD Conference D2.mp340.53 MB
Future Generations as Key Research Stakeholders in all.pptx696.85 KB
Prague 2013 Degrees of Interdisciplinarity and the Difference they make.pptx140.98 KB
transdisciplinar.ppt814 KB
Complex Gobal Issues.pptx3.82 MB
Andrew Barton poster.pptx3.72 MB
JanaPoster1.pdf35.33 MB
Michael Clinton poster.pptx311.11 KB
Rogers Balazs POSTER Field Hearings.ppt4.86 MB
CONVERGE_sol_pres_heiinrich_FIN.pptx1.51 MB
Genc_Presentation_Prague.pptx85.68 KB
Presentation-CHARLES.pptx19.22 MB
poster_BalazsB_CONVERGE.pdf424.6 KB
CONVERGE Trans_BalazsB_20130521.pdf562.89 KB
Adomßent_Tilling the fields of knowledge in td-research_Prague_2013-05-23_online.pdf573.01 KB
prague_LPaula.pdf577.6 KB
ConvergenceMappingTool_VadovicsE.pdf525.63 KB
ConvergenceMappingTool_EvaluationCriteria.pdf92.15 KB
InitiativesMap.png259.42 KB
Converge-POSTER-The Converging World.pdf1.08 MB
Converge-POSTER-Gödöllő Climate Club.pdf1.26 MB
Converge-POSTER-JNO.PDF723.04 KB
Converge-POSTER-Climate Ticket.pdf780.63 KB