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Think Globally Radio - Dr Elisabeth Corell: Rethinking Globalisation in the light of contraction and convergence

Brought to you by Think Globally Radio, Sunday April 18th at 19:00 on 95.3 Mhz. in Stockholm: Rethinking globalisation in the light of Contraction and Convergence: With Dr Elisabeth Corell, Converge Project Leader, The Natural Step. 

CONVERGE Official Project Abstract

The CONVERGE project will build from the concept of 'contraction and convergence' that informed the Kyoto process. C&C linked the key social concept of equal rights to emissions with the key ecological need for reduced emissions to issue a challenge to economic systems to develop fair processes for emissions reduction. CONVERGE aims to re-think globalisation by developing our understanding of convergence beyond emissions-trading across wider social, economic and ecological dimensions of sustainability.

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